China swims the swamp for America's secrets

The bust of a former officer of the Central Intelligence Agency in 2007 for spying for China has drawn attention to a new recruiting pool for for America's enemies: the Washington swamp, which is in part composed of intelligence operatives who have cashed out and now work as "consultants" and "contractors." In two pieces describing the arrest, the New York Times reports that Jerry Chung Shing Lee, a former U.S. intelligence officer, apparently was picked up by the Chinese for his value as a former agency employee, not a current one.  He apparently gave the Chinese information from his intelligence days that enabled them to roll up and kill dozens of  U.S. agents inside China.  The Times reports that experts think it was the worst breach since Aldrich Ames.  Yet up until now, it has been supposed that such a person wouldn't be all that interesting to a hostile foreign intelligence service, as a...(Read Full Post)