CEO of Democratic Party out after just 6 months

Six months ago, Democratic National Committtee Chairman Tom Perez hired veteran Democratic operative Jess O'Connell to serve as CEO of the party organization. At that time, Dems were reeling from a top to bottom loss at the polls in 2016, including Hillary Clinton's devastating defeat at the hands of Donald Trump. Here we are six months later, and while there has been some improvement in the party's fortunes with their victories in the Virginia and New Jersey governor races, the party still lags in fundraising and there is much unhappiness with how the DNC is divvying up cash to state and local parties. Whether Perez felt the need to make a change is unclear. But for whatever reason, O'Connell is out as CEO. NBC News: O’Connell will leave the party stabilized, if not yet fully recovered, after wins last year in Virginia and Alabama, and her decision to leave is a personal one, a DNC official told NBC News, timed to cause minimal disruption ahead of...(Read Full Post)