A hookah-smoking caterpillar has given media the call

The sexual harassment charge against Trump did not work.  The Russian collusion charge against Trump appears to be collapsing.  A new "exposé," Fire and Fury, has ushered in the latest attempt to remove the current president. On the satirically named CNN program, Reliable Sources, the host claimed, "Reporters and some lawmakers are openly talking about the president's mental stability."  He asserted that these "claims [are] no longer just speculation but an indisputable fact."  He then enlisted Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame to bolster his argument.  Bernstein remarked, "We're in a real constitutional crisis ... where we as a country and where we as journalists have never been before, in which a huge part of the citizenry of our country and the leadership of the country in Congress, privately and in public, openly question the fitness and stability of the president of the...(Read Full Post)