Where is the Mexican Uribe?

Over the years, the Mexican political class was happy to blame U.S. consumers for drug cartels.  Indeed, drug users are the consumers sending billions of dollars south of the border to fund criminal groups. However, Mexico is not free of blame, as we have seen in the spread of violence and corruption related to drug cartels. Mexico needs to borrow a page from President Alvaro Uribe's playbook!  In his memoir "No Lost Causes," President Uribe of Colombia told his story, and it is a good one. Colombia was a disaster in the late 1980s.  Some called it a failed state.  Most of the middle class was sick and tired of cartels killing policemen and buying judges and politicians. This is when Alvaro Uribe stepped in: Alvaro Uribe – a former Partido Liberal member – ran and won in May 2002 on an independent platform to restore security to the country.  Many Congress PL and independent members in both chambers...(Read Full Post)