What the defeat of Roy Moore does not prove

Democrats and the media are busy today furiously spinning the results of the Alabama Senate race, where Republican Roy Moore was beaten by Democrat Doug Jones by about 20,000 votes. It's a catastrophe for Republicans.  It's a mortal blow to Donald Trump.  It validates the Democratic strategy to nationalize a local election.  Doug Jones is the second coming of Bill Clinton. Well, maybe not.  But what fun would it be to present the illusion that Democrats don't have to do very much to win in 2018 – just sit back and let the press destroy Trump and the Republicans? Politico: Doug Jones didn't just defeat Roy Moore in Alabama's Senate race on Tuesday night — he administered the most crushing and embarrassing political blow of President Donald Trump's young presidency. Jones' win meant that Trump, who had endorsed Luther Strange in the Republican primary before backing Moore in the general election, threw his...(Read Full Post)