What gives with the climate?

My take on global warming is perhaps not worth much in these days of "scientific" claims.  But I have not heard or read anyone else say what I am about to say, so let me set it down here. As a gardener, I have always kept a keen eye on temperature extremes.  Over a period of about 60 years, I have noticed that every year breaks a record for the coolest or coldest temperature recorded – or the warmest or hottest temperature recorded – on some day or days of the given year, in the areas where I have lived. I noticed that the record-breakers for coldest and warmest dates sometimes occur in the same year.  Admittedly, this is too small a sample to place much significance in it with respect to trends.  But these back-and-forth warmest-to-coolest swings over my own lifetime point to a reality that needs to be faced: meteorology is an imperfect predictive science when it comes to trends, especially long-range projections predicated on...(Read Full Post)