Western media are ignoring a revolution in Iran

Bumped 12 30 17; originally published 12 29 17 Something profound is happening throughout Iran, and the Western mass media are just not reporting it. For some time now, protests by ordinary Iranians have become a daily routine.  These protesters include workers who have not been paid wages or have become redundant; savers who have lost their savings in Iran's many quasi-banks, which are infested with corruption and embezzlement; people concerned about the environmental disaster Iran is fast becoming; people protesting rising prices; retired pensioners whose retirement funds have been plundered by successive administrations; and low-income people who can no longer make ends meet. These protesters are across the spectrum of Iranian society.  The protests are getting larger, and their chants are becoming more radical. In the early days of the 1979 revolution, which swept the mullahs to power in Iran, the protests were far less frequent, with far fewer protesters...(Read Full Post)