Vicious anti-Trump, anti-conservative Pulitzer-winning columnist and editor fired

Another powerful progressive journalist – one of the most vicious critics of Donald Trump – has lost his job owing to complaints of sexual harassment.  It is a shame that the over-the-top nature of his commentary was not the cause of his job loss, but rather "credible accusations" of sexual harassment.  (Due process is still a missing factor in the response of most media organizations in the face of claims of harassment.)  The great Don Surber calls our attention to the fate of Stephen Henderson of the Detroit Free Press: President Trump did not meet the standards of Stephen Henderson, managing director of opinion and commentary at the Detroit Free Press. In column after column this year and last, Henderson called Trump a bigot, a bully, and a harasser of women. Today the Detroit Free Press fired Henderson. For sexual harassment. According to the statement issued by the Freep: Stephen Henderson, managing director of...(Read Full Post)