United Nations preparing to jump into oblivion

The World Assembly of Anti-Semites, better known as the U.N. General Assembly, voted Thursday, December 21 against Trump's decision to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  This vote means that the United Nations no longer recognizes the U.S. as a sovereign country.  One hundred twenty-eight U.N. members voted for this decision, nine countries supported America, 35 countries abstained, and 21 countries did not vote at all. On the eve of the vote, Trump threatened to cut American financial assistance to those countries that risk depriving the U.S. of the sovereign right to place its embassies where it pleases.  According to preliminary estimates, those states that voted against the U.S. receive from 10 to 12 billion dollars a year from American taxpayers.  There were calls to use the money saved to erect a wall on the border with Mexico, or to withdraw from the U.N., or to force those NATO members who voted against America to maintain their defense...(Read Full Post)