Things fall apart: The decline of 'Dumbledore's Army'

Resistance to the Trump administration within the intelligence community is beginning to unravel.   When Mick Mulvaney was selected to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), he complimented the staff for being professional.  There are a significant number of CFPB employees opposed to the president and any of his appointees.  They have formed a resistance group they call Dumbledore's Army.  Although members of other departments, agencies, and bureaus do not call themselves Dumbledore's Army, they are essentially of the same mindset.  Perhaps the largest number of these Dumbledores are in the Department of Justice and the intelligence community.  They are mounting an attack on the Trump administration and are suffering one defeat after another.  Things are falling apart. The major attack is being carried out by Robert Mueller, the special counsel.  Several of the attorneys on Mueller's team have collectively given...(Read Full Post)