The problem with Roy Moore

Like some of you, I thought Judge Moore would pull this out because he was running in Alabama.  Unfortunately, a flawed GOP candidate can lose even in Alabama. What does it mean going forward? In politics, the winners always explain victories in grand terms.  We heard Jones last night speak in terms of "change" and other things. In fact, Senator-Elect Jones had very little to do with his victory.  It was a referendum on Roy Moore, a very flawed candidate whose problems predated the Washington Post article. Doug Schoen has it about right in his analysis: Surely, Jones' win emboldens Democrats to compete in states like Nevada where Republicans are potentially now vulnerable. To succeed, the Democrats will need more than a message of resistance or opposition, but a centrist pro-growth agenda of their own. Mr. Schoen has a warning for both parties as well.  I agree that the GOP needs to get more practical and choose...(Read Full Post)