The grinch of socialism pays Venezuela a Christmas visit

The grinch of socialism is visiting Venezuela this year, bearing coal. Scratch that, in Venezuela, coal is too costly - and in short supply. Socialism is bringing to Venezuela utterly nothing and Santa Claus is not being allowed in. It's going to be a very, very, very bleak holiday in Venezuela as described in this Washington Post report: Downtown Caracas was once festooned with Christmas lights during the holidays. Now, as Enrique and Viviana strolled with their kids down a major Caracas shopping street, it was devoid of holiday decor. “It’s like Christmas isn’t even happening this year,” said Enrique, 30, as he carried his 4-year-old, Victoria, in his arms. As the family walked the Boulevard Sabana Grande, they passed long lines at ATMs. In Venezuela, larger transactions are now mostly made by bank card. Financial institutions are rationing cash withdrawals to 10,000 bolívars a day, about 8 cents at the black-market rate. To have...(Read Full Post)