The global warming end is still nigh!

It will be a high of 7 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow here in sunny Hammond, Indiana. 

As I'm hibernating, I'm recalling the dire predictions of Al Gore, who prophetically announced that my former residence in Delaware, along with much of the East Coast, would soon be inundated by ocean waters because of global warming melting the ice shelves of both poles.  It was a theory the former mayor of Wilmington, Delaware's largest city, took quite seriously.  He was thinking of building a sea wall to prevent the drowning death of the city's inhabitants, one of whom was yours truly.

I'm also recalling the Great Sacred Warmist Pilgrimage of 2016.  In that year, global warmists belonging to the denomination of The Polar Ocean Challenge, convinced of the coming weather Armageddon, embarked on a two-month-long expeditionary cruise to see for themselves "that the Arctic sea ice coverage shrinks back so far now in the summer months that sea that was permanently locked up now can allow passage through."

The religious fervor of the pilgrims was dimmed – but not totally extinguished – by an unfortunate event.  The ship of holy fools got stuck in ice they believed not to exist.  According to some reports, the vessel was imprisoned in the grip of the nonexistent ice for some time.

It would not be the first time or the last that abstract theory got ambushed by objective reality.

Those who like the history of science will recall that the Ptolemaic theory of an Earth-centered universe was such doctrinal orthodoxy that it limped along for centuries, supported by endless speculations about epicycles and transparent spheres.  It took a radical and elaborate dissembling of abstract and ultimately unsupportable explanations to make the whole system come crashing down.

Such is the case with the theory of global warming, which is not supported by solid evidence provided by close adherence to the scientific method, but which has been bolstered mostly by hyped and spurious prophetic declamations.

I might add that the warmists' prophetic declamations resemble some fundamentalists' views of the end of the world – views global warmists generally hold in contempt.

Of course, all the above will not prevent the global warming theorists from blaming the Arctic blast now chilling Hammond, Indiana to 7 degrees and below on – you guessed it – global warming.

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