Rahm and Trump Derangement Syndrome

A friend from Chicago lamented recently that his city is going to the Devil, and the local leadership just wants to talk about Trump's tweets!

My friend is right, according to news reports:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had a good year at the expense of city residents – and for that he might want to thank President Donald Trump.

Despite presiding over a city with rampant money and crime problems, Democrat Emanuel has bolstered his approval ratings and become the rising star of the left by placing himself front and center in the anti-Trump "resistance movement."

Emanuel declared the Windy City a "Trump-free zone," prevailed in a legal battle against the White House over threats to cut funding from sanctuary cities, and came out in strong support of combatting climate change – an apparent dig at Trump for pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

Most importantly for Emanuel, his profile has risen – with political pundits floating his name as a possible Democratic 2020 presidential candidate, even as he openly says he is not interested.

It's a lot of nonsense, but it keeps the mayor alive politically.

From coast to coast, we see more and more Democrats avoiding the tough issues by simply activating their TDS.  It is not helping their constituents, who are voting with their feet by leaving and taking their taxable income with them.  Nearly 450,000 people fled these three deep blue states in 2017!

Emanuel in 2020?  I don't see it, but stranger things have happened.  At the same time, my guess is that a large chunk of the aforementioned 450,000 are not going to vote for the policies they are rejecting!

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