So which party has no limiting principles?

Michael Gerson of the Washington Post writes that Republicans have no limiting principles. They value certain political ends – tax cuts, a conservative judiciary – more than ethical considerations. When it comes to confirming judges who oppose Roe v. Wade, the vote of a statesman is no better than the vote of a sexual predator – or, presumably, of a drug dealer or a murderer. This type of calculation admits no limiting principle. What pious, one-sided nonsense. Democrats have defended and supported the Clintons for decades, who have mentally and physically abused women for as long as they've been in politics, along with enriching themselves greatly through obvious unscrupulous and criminal means.  Yet, Gerson says, it's Republicans who have no limiting principles.  Journalists, who are virtually all Democrats, knew how corrupt the Clintons were and how willing they have been to destroy anyone who gets in the way of...(Read Full Post)