So, Dems: Remind us when you'll be invincible again!

We all remember the one about demographics: how inevitable Democrat victories would come about from coalitions of minority voters.  We were told that the Democrats would run the country for generations, according to the experts. In fact, James Carville predicted that the Democrats would run Washington for 40 years!  Ruy Texeira even wrote a pretty good book about it. Well, we know how that one turned out!  The House flipped in 2010.  The U.S. Senate flipped in 2014.  Lots of state legislatures turned, too.  And the presidency flipped in 2016. The latest from Tom Perez, DNC chairman, and Keith Ellison, DNC deputy chairman, is about unity.  In other words, stick together, and we are inevitable again. This is from their recent op-ed about the short-term future of the party: As chair and deputy chair of the DNC, we are committed to ensuring that our party is inclusive, forward-looking and bold in prescribing an...(Read Full Post)