Should conservatives emigrate from Virginia?

Are you a conservative living in the state of Virginia?  Do you feel like an undocumented taxpayer?  If so, it's completely understandable, given the increasingly leftward tilt of the state.


1) The last two governors elected were Democrats.  The current one, Terry McAuliffe, was what Mark Levin calls the "bag man" for the Clintons.

2) Both senators are Democrats.

3) In fact, Republicans don't hold a single statewide office in Virginia.

4) In the last presidential election, while strongly Democratic states like Michigan were going for Trump, Hillary Clinton won the state easily.

5) The Republicans can barely hold on to the legislature in what is now basically a 50-50 split.  They can't win the legislature even with gerrymandered maps heavily in their favor.  Do you see the handwriting on the wall?

6) A Republican state assemblyman was defeated for re-election by a man disguised as a woman.  Remember, this isn't Vermont we're talking about.  Nor is it California.  It's Virginia.  When Virginia starts electing men disguised as women, it may be time to move out.

This is the future of Virginia politics: mentally ill people in charge of the government.

The reasons for the leftward shift are several.

1) There is internal migration from liberal states.  Talk show host Mark Levin compares them to termites or roaches fleeing high-tax states and then coming to Virginia to destroy it in the same way by voting for Democrats.  Levin lives in Loudoun County, an exurb that he notes used to be quite a conservative county but now is increasingly electing Democrats.  If Loudoun is electing Democrats, there is no hope for Virginia.

2) There is a lot of immigration from central America.  Years ago, when I used to work on Capitol Hill, I lived in Northern Virginia.  I remembered how parts of Falls Church and Alexandria were becoming places where English was spoken only as a second language.

3) An increasing number of government workers live in Virginia, and they vote Democrat.

So with all state offices held by Democrats, and the legislature on the verge of flipping control, maybe it's time for conservatives to emigrate.  I would recommend that they move to Florida, which has no income tax and is a close tossup state in presidential elections.  We need more conservative migration there to offset the migration from places like Puerto Rico, where most voters are Democrats.  Move to the western coast.  They still speak English there sometimes, and the politics are conservative.

Alternatively, if Florida is too big of a cultural shift, I would recommend moving to North Carolina, which has also become a politically marginal state that needs all the help it can get.  They just voted their Republican governor out of office for supporting a bill that keeps boys out of girls' bathrooms.  On second thought, maybe moving to North Carolina isn't such a good idea.  What about Idaho?  Except for Larry Craig, the bathrooms are quite safe there.

What do you think?  Should conservatives in Virginia become "DREAMers," dreaming of a place where Republicans are still in charge and taxes are low?

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