Remembering our old school-style parents at Christmas

It occurred to me that like millions of lower- to middle-class American families back in the day, my parents did an awesome job at Christmastime.  With little money, they always found a way to give their kids happy Christmases. As the nine-year-old eldest, I babysat my four siblings.  I knew that Mom and Dad did not have a lot of money.  And yet I never thought we were poor or felt shortchanged at Christmas.  I don't remember my three brothers and sister ever feeling shortchanged at Christmas.  How awesome is that?  Given their financial challenges, my parents had to be magicians to pull off that trick.  Somehow, they performed their magic every year.  I kind of took it for granted.  Looking back, all I can say is "wow!" The arrival of the Montgomery Ward catalog was a major exciting event.  Each of us kids circled the toys we wanted for Christmas. I remember my Roy Rogers pistol and holster.  On Christmas...(Read Full Post)