Pro-Trump students booted from 'safe space' coffee shop

How safe are "safe spaces" on campus? At Fordham University, some "safe spaces" are safer than others - at least, for some people. In fact, in a campus run coffee shop, there are no safe spaces for those who disagree politically with the majority. Several pro-Trump students found that out the hard way when they were summarily ordered to leave because they were wearing MAGA hats. The surreal nature of this video cannot be overstated. New York Post: It was absolutely insane,” Fordham junior Aaron Spring, 20, told The Post of the Thursday incident. “We weren’t even talking politics — we were talking about finals.” A video of the encounter appeared Friday on the conservative CampusReform website. Students wearing Trump’s trademark MAGA ball caps were accosted by a student worker at Rodrigue’s Coffee House, which is run by volunteers and is organized as a club. “Get out! Five minutes,”...(Read Full Post)