Pandora's box revisited

Efforts to smear Senate candidate Roy Moore have backfired.  Many politicians and media personalities are facing problems of their own. People who were outraged at allegations about Moore's behavior 38 years ago now appear to be defending more recent behavior by others that is often backed up with photos and documents. The scandals have exposed the Congress's methods of concealing embarrassing incidents.  The Congressional Office of Compliance (COC) was set up to deal with complaints.  It reportedly disbursed $17 million over a twenty-year period to cover sex-related incidents.  The admission about the COC is a distraction of sorts, and the $17 million figure is a gross underestimate.  In addition to the COC, there is the House Employment Counsel advising members how to conceal their behavior.  These are two institutions that have been reported on in the press.  Are there any more?  Neither one of the two prominent...(Read Full Post)