NYT: If Jesus were here, he'd spend Christmas with Lesbians

An op-ed writer for the New York Times has opined that if Jesus were around, he's use Christmas to spend some quality time in the area of Lesbos.  Lesbos is the Greek island where a lot of Muslim immigrants have come to. The lack of hygiene and the violence have prompted some refugees to move to the olive groves outside the camp. There I talked with young men from Mosul, Basra and Baghdad in Iraq, from Dara'a and Aleppo in Syria, and from Gaza. I have questions for these individuals: 1) If they are "young men," why aren't they fighting for their countries (Iraq and Syria)?  Why isn't there a single armed group in Iraq and Syria fighting for a pluralistic, tolerant, non-sectarian state?  Do these young men support these goals, and if so, how is it that 99% of their countrymen don't while they do? 2) If they are Sunni, do they want to live in peace with Shi'ites?  If they are Shi'ites, do they want to live in...(Read Full Post)