Mueller's new restaurant chain: Nothingburgers

Christmas came early for ABC's Brian Ross on Friday.  He breathlessly reported what the left has been wishing for under its tree on Christmas morning: "[Michael Flynn] is prepared to testify ... against President Trump, against members of the Trump family, and others in the White House." This is it.  Send the paddy wagon for Trump, his entire family, his White House Staff, the works.  Turn Mar-a-Lago into a federal prison.  Joy Behar and her fellow magpies were giddy with delight.  The rest of the media followed suit, happily not having to talk about their fellow travelers who have been outed as sexual predators.  Or the Senate passing a tax bill.  Or Kate Steinle's illegal alien killer being given a pass, facing far less punishment than Mike Flynn, who gave false statements to the FBI. Trump-haters in the media became hysterical, with Brian Ross of ABC embarrassing himself and his network by falsely reporting the...(Read Full Post)