Megyn Kelly, at it again

Her ratings tanking, Megyn Kelly has a new idea: why not interview three women who claimed President Trump sexually harassed them?

According to CNBC:

NBC News Anchor Megyn Kelly will conduct an exclusive live sit-down interview on Monday, Dec. 11 with three women who have publicly accused President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, the network said.

The interview with Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey and Rachel Crooks will air on NBC News' "Megyn Kelly TODAY" at 9 a.m. New York time.

Interesting, because the former Fox News host made her name by quarreling with Donald Trump over sexism, back when he was a candidate for the Republican nomination, and then fell spectacularly in her career.  Yet she's off to that well again.

There's one reason why this little plan won't work.  Viewers know she has a grudge against Trump.  And they can see that this stunt is more about getting even with Trump than it is about breaking genuine news.  It's just a bid to attack the president, riding on the wave of sexual harassment scandals in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations.  Kelly's move has the look of political opportunism, given that there already is a wave of sexual harassment scandals going on (no thanks to any great ace journalism of hers), and can see she's using it to advance her feud with Trump. Voters knew about these accusers when they elected Trump and either decided there was nothing there or else thought the pluses outweighed the minuses.

It's not stopping her.  Why not use the old journalistic perch not just to elect Democrats, as many do, but to settle personal scores?

As Thomas Lifson noted in his piece on Chelsea Handler, anger is corrosive.  Megyn Kelly's bid to "get" President Trump with this scheme pretty much amounts to a conflict of interest that viewers are going to recognize.  Does anyone think she's going to be fair?

Viewers also will recognize that she is trying to raise her bottom-of-the-barrel news ratings by hauling in accusers the more primo media won't bother with.  Kelly herself, in an interview with Charlie Rose in 2016, admitted as much:

"I might the best thing to happen to her," [Trump] said on CNN. "Who ever even heard of her before the last debate?"

Kelly said, "One of our babysitters is from Peru. And she came home one day and told us that she saw my name in the Peruvian papers. I don't think that ever happened before this particular dustup. So I'm gonna have to give him that point!"

This won't end well.

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