Many American Jewish 'leaders' deaf, blind, dumb to Islamic Kristallnacht

Sweden has been importing an enormous number of Muslim immigrants.  (Perhaps the Swedes don't like blondes anymore?)  The results have been predictable, and catastrophic, especially for the Jewish people who live there.

This past Saturday, a Hanukkah party at a synagogue in Goteborg, Sweden, was abruptly interrupted by Molotov cocktails. They were hurled by a gang of men in masks at the Jews, mostly teenagers, who had gathered to celebrate the holiday.

For Sweden's 18,000 Jews, sadly, none of this comes as a surprise. They are by now used to anti-Semitic threats and attacks[.] [T]hese recent attacks followed days of incitement against Jews. Last Friday, 200 people protested in Malmo against President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Who are these people?  Who lives in Malmö, I wonder?

The protesters called for an intifada and promised "we will shoot the Jews."

Intifada?  Who uses words like "intifada"?

A day later, during a demonstration in Stockholm, a speaker called Jews "apes and pigs." There were promises of martyrdom.

Promises of martyrdom?  Is that a common Christian practice?

Malmo's sole Hasidic rabbi has reported being the victim of more than 100 incidents of hostility ranging from hate speech to physical assault. 

Jewish schoolteachers have reported hiding their identity. A teacher who wouldn't even share the city where she teaches for fear of her safety told a Swedish news outlet: "I hear students shouting in the hallway about killing Jews." Henryk Grynfeld, a teacher at a high school in a mostly immigrant neighborhood in Malmo, was told by a student: "We're going to kill all Jews." He said other students yell "yahoud," the Arabic word for Jew, at him.

Arabic?  Who is speaking Arabic in Sweden?

[A] study from 2013 showed that 51 percent of anti-Semitic incidents in Sweden were attributed to Muslim extremists. 

Fifty-one percent!  But Muslims are only 5% of the population.  That means they are committing hate crimes at a rate ten times their population.

There is, however, tremendous hesitation to speak out against hate crimes committed by members of another minority group in a country that prides itself on welcoming minorities and immigrants. In 2015, Sweden was second only to Germany in the number of Syrian refugees it welcomed. Yet the three men arrested in the Molotov cocktail attack were newly arrived immigrants, two Syrians and a Palestinian. The fear of being accused of intolerance has paralyzed Sweden's leaders from properly addressing deep-seated intolerance. Some of the country's leaders have even used Israel as a convenient boogeyman to explain violence.

This is no longer a discussion about "radical Islam."  One can make the case that when one out of ten thousand Islamists perpetuates an attack, that is a radical fringe.  But when large numbers of Muslims roam around in gangs and attack people, that's not radical Islam.

That's Islam.

Hatred of Jewish people (and usually Christians as well) is widespread in Islam.  It's time we came out and talked about it.  Even in Sweden they are starting to:

[T]he problem has grown so dire that it finally forced [Prime Minister] Mr. Lofven to admit in an interview this month: "We will not ignore the fact that many people have come here from the Middle East, where anti-Semitism is a widespread idea, almost part of the ideology."

Now, in our country, we are also having a debate about Muslim immigration.

The American World Jewish Service tweeted:

We continue to stand in solidarity with refugees, asylum seekers, & those affected by the latest EO. #RefugeesWelcome #MuslimBan

The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism said, "The Trump administration has doubled down on its discriminatory and unjust refugee and immigration ban[.]"

The National Council of Jewish Women said:

President Trump's executive order, "Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States," is devastating to refugees, targets Muslims, and is without justification. 

T'ruah, The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, said, "The executive order continues to effectively close our borders to Muslims[.]"

High-profile terrorist acts by Muslims are only the most visible part of the problem.  For every large-scale bomb or bus or car attack, there are a dozen or a hundred attacks that don't make the headlines.  That's why it's disgraceful that Jewish leaders seem blind to what they are advocating.

Christians should be concerned as well.  The women who were gang-raped at the train station in Germany were not Jewish.  Neither are many of the people who cannot safely walk  in "no-go" zones like Malmö.

It's time the world talked more openly about the problem with Islam, and way past time especially for Jewish "leaders" to get their heads out of the sand.  Unfortunately, for some of them, their religion is fundamentalist multiculturalism, and they practice it with all the fervor of a death cult.

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