A week's worth of progressives accused of sexual harassment

My friend who is keeping track of the ongoing hysteria over sexual harassment allegations has updated his chart.

There were 71 high profile leftist sex offenders on our list through December 7, 2017; with merely a week's worth of revelations, input from readers, and research, there are now 19 more, 90 in total. The new entries at the bottom use maroon type.

Leftists are without parallel in a number of fields and with the continuing hysteria over sexual harassment, assault, rape, redefined-rape, groping, sexting, and pedophilia, etc., they are making it increasingly clear that they have no equals...they OWN this field. Maybe this is why the left is so good at fund raising...they're so growth/expansion oriented. 

Because of the space restrictions of a table format, in these blog entries we cannot go into any kind of depth as to what these brutes are accused of doing... from the vile, atrocious, and disgusting, to the stupid and childish... but we encourage our readers to google a few names in order to truly appreciate the collapse of morality among those who call themselves "liberal" and "progressive."  You have to hand it to them for having arrived at an historical level of hypocrisy... truly without equal.

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