Justice? Flynn pleads guilty while Zarate walks

It is a sad day when Michael Flynn, who served our country honorably in the U.S. Army from 1981, with combat tours in Grenada, Haiti, Afghanistan, and Iraq, with multiple decorations, is hounded by Special Prosecutor Javert Mueller to plead guilty to a questionable process crime while Jose García Zarate, an illegal alien with multiple felony convictions, gets a walk from a San Francisco jury for killing Kate Steinle.  Zarate, an illegal immigrant, who was deported multiple times, is represented by a public defender at taxpayer expense for killing an American citizen.  Flynn, a decorated veteran, is driven to near bankruptcy to defend himself and forced to plead guilty. Flynn's crime?  In December 2016 the U.N. was set to vote to condemn Israel over its settlement policy.  Obama, in a parting shot to Israel and Bibi Netanyahu, planned to have the U.S. abstain when we should have voted no and lobbied other nations to vote no.  Jared Kushner asked...(Read Full Post)