Homophobic blog posts by MSNBC's Joy Reid surface

MSNBC on-air personality Joy Reid wrote a dozen anti-gay, homophobic blog posts between 2007-2009 according to recently uncovered archives from her personal blog. Reid, a rabid Democratic partisan, has said many controversial things over the years about Republicans, but perhaps her lowest moment came when she criticized Rep. Steve Scalise while he was lying in a hospital bed recovering from gunshot wounds he received at a congressional baseball practice. Reid was obsessed with former Republican-now-Democratic governor of Florida Charlie Crist, whom she identified as a closeted gay man married to a woman. Rep. #Scalise was shot by a white man with a violent background, and saved by a black lesbian police officer, and yet... #AMJoy pic.twitter.com/Qm96T90c6Y — AM Joy w/Joy Reid (@amjoyshow) June 17, 2017 Washington Free Beacon: Reid joked that Crist was being encouraged to run for office "now that he's married to a...(Read Full Post)