Congressional Hispanic Caucus confesses to being partisan hacks

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus sports a name that has been exposed as a lie.  As Matt Vespa reports at Business Insider (hat tips: Matt Vespa,, and Raul Lowery Contreras): The chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus said they denied membership earlier this month to a Republican congressman because the group has to strategize against President Donald Trump and having a Republican in the group would be counterintuitive. Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham told reporters on Thursday that the decision to exclude Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo, a Republican, from the caucus was "because we have strategies about the White House and we have strategies about those committees and we have strategies about who we are working on and leveraging with and that creates an environment where we stop having strategic discussions." They need to rename themselves the Congressional Democrat Hispanic Anti-Trump Caucus.  Or they could simply...(Read Full Post)