Charlottesville antifa Whitewash continues

President Trump accurately blamed “both sides” for the violence in Charlottesville, which makes it a matter of theological importance to the Left that no responsibility attributed to leftists can enter the public’s consciousness.  A 222-page “independent report” about the August 12 violence in Charlottesville prepared by Tim Heaphy, a one-time Obama appointee and donor to the city’s Democrat mayor, was released this past week. It fails to even mention the advance warning to Virginia and Charlottesville officials by the Department of Homeland Security that antifa were preparing to make violent confrontations at the August 12 tragedy. One woman protestor and two police officers died, and there were many other injuries that day in Charlottesville. The report is getting play in the press and social media for laying fault at the feet of state and city police for failing to takes prudent steps to prevent the violence that took place between...(Read Full Post)