Bullets rather than samba in Rio!

Violence in Rio is a major problem, especially if you are an innocent bystander at the wrong place at the wrong time.  This is a report by Sebastian Smith: While the fighting in Rio de Janeiro's crime war is done by commando-style police and heavily armed drug traffickers, a growing number of the victims look quite different: innocent, joyful children like Maria Eduarda. Firefights erupt in densely packed, poor favela neighborhoods, leaving thousands of people with nowhere to hide each time the shooting, involving Kalashnikovs and other military grade rifles, begins. AFP has investigated the stories of those caught in the middle, like 13-year-old schoolgirl Maria Eduarda, in a new multimedia report: "Stray Bullets: violence and broken lives in Rio." With around 60,000 murders a year, Brazil is among the world's most dangerous countries.  Rio, host of the 2016 Olympics, has long been one of the hotspots. But as AFP's investigation...(Read Full Post)