Al Franken is a short, squat idiot

Back in 1999, comedian Al Franken published a book with a catchy title.  It was catchy enough for me to pick it up and read it: Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot: And Other Observations.  Frankly, it was a waste of time, and I couldn't finish it. I literally put it in the trash bin and moved on. A couple of days ago, Franken resigned, and no one will remember him in a few weeks.  (Of course, he could always write another book.) As the Star Tribune wrote in its editorial, Franken did the right thing: In an otherwise emotional and gracious speech, the one sour note was Franken’s continued refusal to acknowledge his actions.  He continued to assert that the incidents are either untrue or unremembered by him.  Why resign if you refuse to acknowledge your actions?  Am I missing something? Minnesota now moves to an election in 2018 after Governor Dayton appoints a Democrat to serve as a...(Read Full Post)