A leftist president in Mexico?

His full name is Andrés Manuel López Obrador.  They call him AMLO and LO, and his supporters call him Andres.  He's been around for 30 years preaching a leftist populist message that does not really sit well with Mexico's upper and middle classes.  In other words, he is not as popular in Mexico as the international press leads you to believe. According to polls, Mr. López Obrador, the former mayor of Mexico City, is in a strong position to win the Mexican presidency. We say according to polls because the campaigning has just begun. We don't know how reliable polling is in Mexico. We do know that there will be more than two candidates running, so a plurality is all you need to win the election.  In fact, from Zedillo with 48% in 1994 to Fox 43% in 2000 to Calderón (36%) in 2006 to Peña Nieto (38%) in 2012, the last four presidents won by a plurality. My point is that...(Read Full Post)