Understanding the Trump presidency

  #NeverTrumps are having a time trying to force-fit Donald Trump into the usual categories of president.  He's ideological, or he's pro-business, or he's pro-military or populist or what have you.  They completely miss the central point of Donald Trump's presidency, which is to get rid of all the government blocks; bottlenecks; you-can'ts; oh-buts; restrictions; impediments; and, oh yeah, corruption that get in the way of people getting ahead in their lives.  He knows all about it because he has had to deal with these roadblocks in his own businesses. America did not need another politician president bent on attaining ideological ends or pursuing some pie-in-the-sky personal agenda.  We needed a president who understood that getting government out of the way is by far the most important thing he can do.  Trump has spent his entire adult life meeting the demands of others – of homeowners, of politicians, of bureaucrats, of...(Read Full Post)