Trump was played by Putin? Not compared to Obama

So the Washington Post and other media outlets go to James Clapper and John Brennan – who both lied to Congress and who essentially allowed Putin to do whatever he wanted in Ukraine – to say Trump is being played?

One of the first things Barack Obama did upon taking office was to back away from a commitment to put up missile defense shields in the Czech Republic and Poland to appease Putin.

When Putin attacked Ukraine, Obama wouldn't even provide Ukraine with defensive weapons – and that certainly pleased Putin. 

I don't believe that Trump ever joked about Russian hostility being an outdated relic of the Cold War,  as Obama did to Mitt Romney prior to the 2012 election.

Trump didn't allow Russia to get American uranium to spread around, and Trump never promised to give Putin flexibility once accountability to voters was no longer an issue, as Obama did.

Of course, Obama also essentially did nothing as North Korea advanced their nuclear ambitions.  It is up to Trump to fix this mess.

Obama also strengthened Iran with hundreds of billions of dollars to further Iran's ability to menace the world and continue to threaten death to America and Israel.  Obama and his team were played.  They even paid $100s of millions in ransom.

I would love for Brennan, Clapper, or any reporter to list what Obama, Kerry, or Hillary did to make the world a safer place during his eight years before they lecture Trump about being played.

Why would anyone use John Brennan or James Clapper as a source, since they have been so willing to lie in the past?

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