Confused lefty pundit blames Trump for Harvey Weinstein (or something)

Isn't it a good thing that courageous women are speaking up about the sexual abuse endemic in Hollywood?

True enough, it has damaged the cause of Democrats, and the truth-telling (along with potential false accusations) seems to be hitting mainstays of the Democrats.  And all those women who spoke up about Bill Clinton's predation are certainly awkward now that Weinstein's accusers are celebrated.

So what's a lefty feminist journalist to do?

The answer to that question is easy: attack Trump.

So that's what the national editor of The Nation did on MSNBC (of course).

No mention of all the Democrats who received money from Harvey and looked the other way despite his well known sexual abuse.  No, it is Donald Trump who somehow is bad.

See if you can make sense of this screed from Joan Walsh, a journalist with a history of crazy claims:

Wow, the head of a violent gang is taking the podium at the White House. The head of ICE. Ask good questions please, WH press corps

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) July 27, 2017

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