The 'party of science' becomes the 'party of fantasy'

In Delaware, a proposed regulation would allow students of any age to self-identify their race or gender without their parents' knowledge or consent.  What we seem to have is mentally deficient adults willing to pass their major psychological weaknesses on to the children.  Of course, liberals also think girls should be able to have major surgery (abortions) without parental consent.  Of course, these same children who have the maturity to make these choices aren't mature enough to determine that they need an aspirin.  Then adults say they need parental consent.  It is too bad that Elizabeth Warren isn't younger and living in Delaware, because then she could pick whatever race or sex she wanted to be based on how much money she could squeeze out of someone.  She wouldn't be limited to being a fake Indian. Democrats are the party that supposedly believes in science, but in a survey, 77% of college graduates...(Read Full Post)