The media are playing checkers while Trump plays 3-D chess

The checkers-chess cliché is overused but often accurate.  It was frequently applied to George W. Bush; he played checkers, and China and the rest of the world played chess.  It wasn't true, but it was the media's meme. The media hated W. almost as much as they loathe Trump, but this time, it is Trump who plays the media as Isaac Stern plays the violin.  He tweets or tosses off a line, as he did this week, when he referenced Elizabeth Warren, then sits back and watches the fun begin.  The press corps goes berserk and accuses Trump of all the usual crimes: racism, sexism, etc.  The "racial slur" allegation was particularly off the mark.  These lefty journalists leap into the expected fray before they remember to think.  It appears that few of them know anything about American history.  Trump was not using a racial slur, as Pocahontas was an American Indian heroine.  Trump was reminding us all that...(Read Full Post)