The end of identity politics: Liberals eating their own

The final nail in the coffin of identity politics just might have been hammered home by the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal. It appears that nearly every day, a new accusation or allegation is happening against one of the many leftist Hollywood elites who've been subjecting the country to their moral preening and lecturing for decades. In an incredible display of irony, they are now taking down their own moralizers, who have been excoriating conservatives as long as they've had a public platform to proselytize their holier-than-thou-ness. Some of the more high-profile harassers who have surfaced include Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, and Casey Affleck.  For each one, the allegations go back ten or more years – thirty-one years, to be exact, in the case of Spacey.  Recently, movie producer and director extraordinaire Brett Ratner was accused of rape, and he's suing his accuser for defamation of character. So in a supreme act of irony,...(Read Full Post)