The Democrats' sudden concern for government debt

The Democrat talking points are out as tax cuts takes center stage, and the complaints are rolling, with a sudden new concern about government debt. Does anyone recall reporters and Democrats having concern about running up $10 trillion in debt during Obama's eight years?  The deficits and debts were rising at the end of his term, but not once did I hear the suggestions that the debts were unsustainable and should be immediately addressed.  Every time the debt limit needed to go up, we were told that was OK and necessary.  Any time Republicans would try to freeze or slow the growth of spending, or just cut spending a little, the cuts were described as devastating.  As costs from Obamacare skyrocketed, did anyone say how devastating those debts and entitlements would be on future generations? But now, when Republicans suggest that the people and businesses be allowed to keep more of their own money, we are told how harmful it is to run up...(Read Full Post)