Sonic attack in Cuba's political prisons?

Armando Valladares saw it all in Cuba's political prisons.  He wrote about it in "Against All Hope," an international bestseller that should be required reading in any freshman class. Reinaldo Arenas wrote his story in "Before Night Falls: A Memoir."  In both cases, they relate the horrors and torture of Castro's prisons.  I believe everything because their stories are similar to what my father's late cousin told me and what many other political prisoners have said. So is anyone surprised that the Castro regime would use "sonic attacks" on prisoners?  I am not surprised at all. This is a story from The Daily Signal:  A group of Cuban exiles and former political prisoners gathered on Capitol HillWednesday to recount human rights abuses that they and their relatives suffered at the hands of the Fidel Castro regime. In a hearing organized by Freedom House and the Justice Cuba International...(Read Full Post)