Moses vindicated

Thirty-five hundred years ago, slaves toiling in the harsh mines of the Sinai scribbled some graffiti on the desert rocks.  One of them wrote: "Moses then provoked astonishment."  That, plus a lot of other inscriptions, deserves more than a passing glance. Most of us know about the Exodus and Moses, courtesy of Cecil B. DeMille and Charlton Heston.  But archaeological evidence of those events has been slow to come by.  Now, in a new book, The World's Oldest Alphabet, Douglas Petrovich has deciphered the Sinai inscriptions, and for the first time outside the Bible, we can read how the slaves looked at things: "He sought occasion to cut away to barrenness our great number, our swelling without measure." (Sinai 349) "Our bond servitude had lingered. Moses then provoked astonishment. It is a year of astonishment." (Sinai 361) Anyone familiar with the Book of Exodus will immediately spot parallels with the...(Read Full Post)