'Mooring' Bill Clinton

I think it is appalling to go back 38 years and dig up a "he said, she said" story.  After all, how many of us remember everything that happened that far back?  I mean no disrespect to the serious issue of sexual mistreatment, but 38 years is a long time ago. It's unfair to Judge Moore, and it is using the women for political purposes, whether the victims realize it or not! Sorry, but this is not good journalism to me.  Nevertheless, it is the partisan journalism we have. Where does former President Clinton fit into this?  Would it be fair for reporters now to go back and interview the women who were generally ignored years ago?  Should they get a hearing? I don't know the answer, but Catlin Flanagan is making us think about it in an interesting post. She starts with the Clintons before the delegates of the Democrat convention and takes us back to those days of 1998, when we literally covered our kids'...(Read Full Post)