Is there a conflict between science and human rights?

Science defines you as a robot.  The laws of cause and effect leave it no alternative but to do so.  And that definition, if accepted, would leave us with no human rights. Is there a better way to interpret science?  Are we automatons, or are we autonomous, sovereign individuals who can break free from natural law?  What are the political, social, and cultural implications? This commentary will, using everyday language, challenge the arguments of science, which would describe you merely as a biological mechanism, one with no God-given rights to life and liberty. The scientific laws of cause and effect are familiar to us in our everyday experience.  If we see a baseball flying through the air, we assume that it was thrown or hit – that is to say, its motion has a cause.  Dominos provide a good illustration when we stand them up in a line.  Topple the first domino, and it causes the second one to fall, which forces the next one, and so...(Read Full Post)