How not to get shot by the police

If the moral arc of the universe really does bend toward justice, then by this time next year, the NFL will be on its knees, whether or not there's a flag flying or an anthem playing.  It's just too much when millionaires whine about how hard they have it. They'll say they're complaining not for themselves, but for black people in general.  Well.  Last time I saw the data on it several years ago, about two thirds of blacks are middle-class, same as whites.  The millionaire footballers will say that's not the issue; the issue is how blacks are treated by cops.  Okay, but a lot of blacks need to learn how to behave around cops. The following rules will keep you from getting shot by police, getting beat up by police, and having other problems with police: 1. Don't shoot at them.  2. Don't pull a weapon in their presence.  Let them take any weapons from you.  3. Don't provoke them by calling them...(Read Full Post)