How much more misleading can you get?

Reporters and other Democrats do not want the public and corporations to get tax cuts at all and do not want true tax reform, so they trot out this garbage that the middle class will see tax increases by 2027 – as if any ten-year projections are even close to accurate.  They also know that the only reason the proposed cuts in rates expire is because the Senate rules essentially require them to expire unless they pass with 60 votes.  Since the Democrats are obstructionists, they know that won't happen.  The Democrats also know that when existing tax rules and rates expire, they routinely roll over for an extended period of time, so they know that these supposed non-partisan ten-year projections are a load of nonsense meant to mislead the public. For example, research credits, solar credits, and depreciation rules are continually extended. This analysis is as worthless as the ten-year projections on Obamacare, which were off by 100% within a few...(Read Full Post)