Domestic unrest: Iran's worst nightmare

The threats posed by Iran in the Middle East through its support for terrorism, extremism, and Islamic fundamentalism are undeniable.  Iran's continued backing of various militias has established a so-called Shiite crescent across the region.  Growing domestic unrest, especially after the recent quake that shook western Iran, is plaguing the regime and showing the international community Iran's main chink in the armor. This was also witnessed on October 29, as the regime launched a massive crackdown effort to prevent any gathering marking International Cyrus Day, in memory of an ancient Persian ruler known to be the author of the world's first human rights charter. Reports indicate that Iran deployed thousands of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), Basij, and Intelligence Ministry members alongside hordes of plainclothes agents to prevent any possible gathering mirroring the 2016 scenario on this same day. Iran also resorted to a media campaign inside...(Read Full Post)