A liberal gun paradox

Another bloody massacre, and the very people who just last week criticized Trump for "politicizing" a tragedy, this week, on behalf of gun control, are politicizing a church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. The problem for liberals is that their rationale for gun control is diametrically opposed to the arguments they typically present for policies concerning provocative social issues. Leftists are proud of providing government-funded accoutrements for things like underage sex and drug abuse.  The liberal argument has always been that teens are going to fornicate and drug addicts are going to abuse drugs anyway, so why not keep adolescents and HIV-prone junkies "safe" by handing out condoms and clean hypodermic needles? Lest we forget, it was Barack Obama who granted a genocidal regime access to nuclear power because he believed that Iran was going to get it anyway – so Obama decided to limit the terrorist state by providing the ayatollah...(Read Full Post)