Wrecking the NFL and now the Boy Scouts

Who would have believed any of this ten years ago?  First, we watched the NFL destroy itself when a bunch of players turned political philosophers and wimpy owners were afraid to use their authority.  Like our university leaders, the owners of the NFL have forgotten that they run the institutions.  They have a responsibility to enforce the rules, from standing for the anthem to allowing people of a different opinion to speak at school events. Now we see another great institution destroyed in the name of "equality," or in my opinion a flawed definition of equality. As the father of three boys who were Scouts, I find this very sad.  I attended my share of Scouts retreats and found the values projected to be very important for boys turning into young men.  These weekend retreats also got some of us to spend quality time with our sons and their friends and get to know better the other fathers.  I don't regret...(Read Full Post)