Will Ireland issue a stamp remembering Che's victims?

It's amazing what a movie about a guy running around South America on a motorcycle will do for your reputation. A few days ago, we remember the 50th anniversary of Che Guevara's execution in Bolivia.  Yesterday, I learned that Ireland has decided to honor Che with a postage stamp. Let's get the story from Lucinda Creighton: Guevara's image might look good on a T-shirt, or even a stamp for that matter, but no amount of revisionism and soft soaping by politicians can take away from the fact he was not a champion of the dispossessed or the poor. He was a dangerous zealot who established deadly squads to torture and murder political opponents. If his objective were just to topple the fascist Batista regime in Cuba, he would have stopped when that mission was accomplished. Instead he and his friends Fidel and Raul Castro replaced one deadly and murderous regime with another. They proved themselves to be as bloodthirsty as the...(Read Full Post)