WaPo reserves special disclaimer for Israel

In "Top Netanyahu ally is 'disappointed' in Trump" (10/10/17), the Washington Post states that "Israel considers Jerusalem its capital."


Israel doesn't "consider" that Jerusalem is its capital.  Israel knows that Jerusalem is its capital.  That's because Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.  Israel knows this, and so would anyone who ever visited.  Their parliament – the Knesset – is there.  Their prime minister lives there.  Their Supreme Court is there.  We could go on and on.  But most importantly, the Israelis say it is their capital.

Does the United States "consider" Washington, D.C. its capital?  Does France "consider" Paris its capital?  Does Russia "consider" Moscow its capital?  Of course not – they know it.  Why only with Israel is the disclaimer added?  Do a plethora of countries really have nothing better to do other than dispute the capital of another country?  Do they have any more pressing issues?

Truth is, all sovereign nations, including Israel, have the right to name their capital city.  Israel proclaimed Jerusalem its capital in 1950, over a decade before local Arabs began asserting a right to establish their own state.  In the 1960s, when these Arabs began referring to themselves collectively as "Palestinians" and claiming the region for themselves, their foundational charters of 1964 and 1968 did not reference Jerusalem or name the city as their desired capital.

In reviewing the nine newest countries in the world, why are there no disputes concerning their capitals?  South Sudan declared independence in July 2011, Kosovo in February 2008, Montenegro and Serbia in June 2006, East Timor in May 2002, Palau in October 1994, Eritrea in April 1993, and the Czech Republic and Slovakia January 1993.  Yes, there have been disputes about these countries – but more local.  Only Israel unites the world in being the target of condemnation.

Do those that use pejorative terminology that delegitimizes Israel realize that it is only Israel that receives such condemnation?  Further, do these countries notice the "coincidence" that the singling out of Israel corresponds with the continuous singling out of the people most discriminated against in the history of the world – the Jews?  So why do newspapers like the Washington Post and the N.Y. Times join in on this discrimination?  Why are they a party to this bigotry?

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